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Don Reed
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San Jose State University
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13, 2011

Essay Assignment
Due at Dropbox in Desire2Learn by Date and Time Given in Greensheet

See instructions in Workbook or 
download a copy of essay instructions

Esaay instructions - Page 1
Do not tell me everything you know,
just write your answers to the questions in instructions in a seamless, coherent, and thoughtful essay.
Stay focused on addressing the questions!
Quality of writing is important in this assignment.

See grading scale in essay instructions in workbook or download from this web page.
Synthesize and integrate information from the reading assignments, expeditions, and feedback from quiz
Do NOT use any quotes and do NOT plagiarize! Write essay in your own words!
Once you have completed your essay, upload it to Marine Fish Stock Assessment Essay area in the Dropbox of course section in Desire2Learn as a WORD document (Microsoft Word format).
Make sure your essay has a title, include your name below the title, AND THE WORD COUNT (number of words in essay). Call the name of the file “essay_yourlastname.doc” or “essay_yourlastname.rtf” depending on the format.