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1. Introduction
The Question
3. Funding
4. Study Area
5. Background
Seismogenic Zone
7. Chief Scientists
8. The Journey
9. Ship Tour
10. Leaving Port
11. Seismic Method
12. Seismic Source
13. Seismic Recording
14. 3-D Acquisition
15. Life at Sea
16. In the Lab
17. Time to Depart
18. Data Processing
19. The 3-D Volume
20. Interpretation
21. Your Turn
22. Comparison
23, Publication
24. On to Drilling

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NanTroSEIZE in 3-D

Imaging an Active Plate Boundary Fault
14. 3-D Seismic Acquisition

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Ship Towing Gear
R/V Nordic Explorer towing multiple acoustic sources and
hydrophone streamers

Multiple Seismic Source Arrays Towed Behind Ship

Geometry Diagram of Nordic Explorer and Toowed Seismic Source Arrays and Multiple Streamers
Schematic diagram looking down on geometry of ship, seismic
source array (yellow) composed multiple groups, and
four towed multichannel seismc streamers, which are directed away
from seismic sources by diverters (orange)

Diagram of Full 3-D Seismic Acquisition Deployment

Seismic Display in Lab
Monitoring Quality During Acquisition

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NanTroSEIZE Drilling Objectives
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The Acquisition of the 3-D Survey Continues, Day after Day - How is Life on the Ship at Other Times