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9. Ocean Temperature


The Briny Deep

1. Introduction
2.  Salt in Seawater?
3. Ions of Salt
4. Source of the Salt?
5. Salinity Variability
6. Salinity & Precipitation
7. Salinity Summary
8. Calculating Salinity
9. Ocean Temperature
10. Solar Radiation
11. Properties
12. Light Penetration
13. Temperature
14. Thermocline
15. Density
16. Layering
Temperature is another important property of sea water.
  • The map below shows temperature at the sea surface around the world from this week. A temperature scale, in degrees Fahrenheit, is given at the bottom of the image.
  • Examine the geographic distribution of the sea surface temperature.
  • Based on your observations, what is the source of heat in the world's oceans

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March 13, 1999

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Let's now examine in more detail, the heat in the ocean