Diving in the Canyon

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1. Introduction
2. Canyon Dive
3. Meet Deep Rover
4. Chief Scientist
5. Prepare to Dive
6. Let’s Launch!
7. In the Water!
8. Lights On
9. Mid-Water
10. Predators
11. To the Surface
12. Back on Board
Contact Don Reed
Dept. of Geology
San José State University
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Don's Introduction

Monterey Bay


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Expedition Learning Objective: Students will discover the most neglected habitat on the planet as you dive in a submersible deep into the Monterey Submarine Canyon to observe life in the mid-water environment, between depths of 100 to 1500 meters.


Photo of Kelp at ocean surface off Monterey

Kelp Forest Photo

Let's join a dive with Deep Rover in the darkness of Monterey Submarine Canyon