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Declining Marine Fisheries
1. Introduction

Don's Introduction Transcript
Fishing boats
Expedition Worksheet

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This expedition has a total of about 45 minutes of audio and video segments and you should take about 1 minute to answer each question, consequently, the entire expedition should take about 80 minutes to complete. You will need to move quickly through this material.
Objective: Students will gain an awareness of a crisis in one of the ocean’s most valuable resources, marine fisheries. It is a complex issue without a simple solution.
In the last expedition we discussed the ocean as a resource, but can these resources be overexploited?

World Map of Exclusize Economic Zones

We discussed the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone in the last expedition, here is a map of
the exclusive economic zones claimed by the many countries around the world

Courtesy of The Sea Around Us Project


As you learn about the resources of the sea, consider the difference between ownership of the ocean and stewardship of its valuable resources......look it up in a dictionary if necessary....
crab sign

Cod drawing

Drawing from "Atlantic Cod" by Ralph Mayo and Loretta O'Brien (National Marine Fisheries Service)
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Can we abuse the oceans in search of marine resources?