1. Educated Person and the Oceans
to Oceanography














Ahoy thar mateys!
Welcome to our voyage this semester!
Don's Introduction to Expedition 1 Transcript

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Expedition 1 Worksheet - Students may first download and print a worksheet at this link to help take notes for this Expedition
You may need the Acrobat Reader Plug-in

Expedition Learning Objectives: This expedition will:

introduce the general format of each expedition,

review the major requirements in the course,

provide a background of the importance of the ocean to society,

allow students to post in Desire2Learn Discussion,

emphasize the key assignments dates through the information survey

Each expedition is accompanied by a worksheet in the Course Workbook, which can be purchased at A.S. Print Shop. The expedition worksheets are also available in Adobe Reader format on the first page of every expedition. Use the worksheet to take notes, be as neat or sloppy as you wish when taking notes on the worksheet as long as you can use the notes for preparing for exams.

Do not skip any questions or answers -- you will be penalized for  not answering questions.  No penalty will be assessed for incorrect answers.

Answer keys will only be provided for those expeditions covered on Exam #1.

Students are encouraged to use Desire2Learn to e-mail any questions (and answers) on the expeditions or use the appropriate discussion board.  I will try to answer e-mail every weekday, except Saturday and Sunday.

Students will work their way through each expedition by reading, observing, listening, drawing, thinking, watching and taking notes down each page.

A link at the bottom of each page, next to the hand , will allow the student to move forward to the next page (students can use the "back" icon in the navigation toolbar of their browser to return to the preceding page).  

Do NOT use the expedition menu in the column on the left side of the screen until you have completed the entire expedition -- use it after the expedition is completed (not during it) to jump to anywhere in the expedition or to return to spot where you left off -- Once again, DO NOT use the "Expedition Menu" during the first time through the expedition or else you will miss some of the fundamental material. Also notice that there is a link to the Main Menu of the course WWW site in the upper left hand corner on each page.


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2.What are the principal assignments in this class?