Hawaii-Emperor Seamount Chain

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We have left sight of land and head into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.



North Pacific Seafloor

Use of movie by permission of David Sandwell

About two-thirds of the way across the Pacific we will cross the submerged, northern extension of the Hawaiian islands, called the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain. The Hawaiian islands are an above sea level expression of a chain of seamounts, which includes Midway and Wake Islands.

Notice the active volcanic islands that form Hawaii extend to the northwest (upper left corner) and become a chain on underwater seamounts, marking submerged, inactive volcanoes.

Only the big island exhibits active volcanoes on land in this chain, but a new volcanic seamount, Loihi, is being formed at present and at some point in the future will likely rise above the sea.

What is the trench or deep-sea trench near Japan?
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Seafloor profile across North Pacific