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1. What Do You Want to Study?

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1. Introduction
2. What to Study?
3. Improve on Past
4. Testing Science
5. Identifying Question
6. Problem Statement?
7.Developing Question?
8. Designing Study

Don's Introduction
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Objective: To have students address learning outcome #3 of all Area R courses by having students apply a scientific approach to problems of the Earth and environment. After gathering some information or making some observations, scientists develop a question or hypothesis to study, which will be used to focus their subsequeent efort on the final exam.

After reviewing these lists, begin preparing for the next required discussion by selecting a topic that you find interesting, and begin your research for final exam by finding some references on the topic at the library or on the WWW -- read these and identify what you believe to be a key research question that needs to be addressed in the future.

Remember this assignment is more about thinking critically, analyzing a specifc topic, and less about what you have read (but you need some information to know what we do not know)

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