Climate Change Thermohaline Circulation and Sea Level
1.  Introduction


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1. Introduction
2. Experiment
3. Observations & Prediction
4. Arctic Ice & Sea Level
5. Sea Level Rise
6. Ice Melt
7. Melting Faster
8. Norfolk - Case Study
9. Two Coasts
10. Test Case


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Don's Introduction
(2 minutes-long)

Objective: Learn about the connection between climate change, the melting of ice and the ocean's ability to store heat, and the effects on ocean circulation and ocean volume, and therefore sea level.

Science operates to increase our knowledge of the physical universe by addressing well-formulated questions and hypotheses, with valid experiments, which then produce verifiable data to support its conclusions, which add to our understanding of the earth.


Credit: NOAA NOAA - http://www.noaa.gov/features/climate/images/louisianasourcengs.jpg

Let's join a simple, yet powerful, experiment on the role of ice and the ocean in climate change
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June 27, 2013
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