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How Does the Course Work?

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Geology 105
Winter 2011 Online Course

Students will complete seven or eight expeditions or exercises each week. These activities can in two forms: (1) a self-paced tutorial composed of text, graphics, animations, and short segments of newscasts in streaming audio/video and (2) an expedition that ends with a required discussion in Desire2Learn.

Students will go through each expedition, completing answers to questions on a worksheet, and taking notes (also on the worksheet). The worksheets serve as your lecture notes from which to study for exam, so take as many notes as you wish, right on the handout. Students must complete each week's work according to schedule given in greensheet.
The worksheets are turned in, all at once, in your course workbook at the end of the course -- you are also encouraged to check your answers against the answer keys, which are posted on the web site about a week after the expedition was first assigned. Points for this form of expedition are based on effort -- student must attempt to answer every question in the expedition handout -- skipped questions are awarded negative points!!!!!!!!!!!
Individual expeditions are worth 0 points,but you will receive negative points if all of the questions are not attempted -- points ARE NOT deducted for incorrect answers as long as it was an honest attempt -- you can correct the answers by checking the online answer keys.
The other type of expedition involves a reading assignment from your textbook and a discussion on the course's electronic bulletin board based on questions asked by the instructor. These questions will be posted at the end of this type of expedition.
The major assignments in the class are:
1) Critical Thinking Essay and Quiz (160 points) ;
2) Exam #1 based on expeditions 5 through 12 (240 points)
3) Exam #2 based on expeditions 13 through 20 (240 points)
4) Course Workbook of your completed expeditions (100 points)
5) Participation in expedition discussions throughout course (140 points)
6) Final Exam (120 points)
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January 2, 2011
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