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Geology 105 Online
Winter 2013
Course Information

Welcome to Geology 105,
the Online Oceanography Class

Introduction to Course
Video - 8 minutes-long)

  • This class is a online course that will be largely held at the convenience of the student over a 3 week period.

  • Students must understand that the amount of work in the course will be equivalent to the semester-long "classroom section" of the same course -- in other words, at least 40 hours of online time and field study -- however, much of this work can be completed on your schedule, not mine or the university's.  Once again, let me say that the online course is NOT less work than a semester-long classroom section of the course -- indeed it is MORE WORK since students spend more time working online due to the self-paced nature of the work.  Consequently -- DO NOT OVERLOAD YOURSELF!

Typically a few of the enrolled students get in over their heads, ultimately dropping or doing poorly, because they thought they could complete the assignments in their "spare time"  - please do not make this mistake!

  • The beauty of online courses is that students will, for the most part, complete the work at their own pace, as long as the work is completed within the timeframe each week as outlined in the greensheet.  We will generally hold 8-10 "online sessions" each week.

The online sessions will be divided into two varieties, (1) online expeditions and (2) electronic discussion boards.  The expeditions consist of tutorial-style assignments from the course WWW site -- where students learn about the oceans in interactive exercises that combine text, graphics, animations, and short streaming audio/video presentations.  Weekly expeditions will go online on each Tuesday at 12:00 PM and are to be completed according to the schedule in the greensheet. Students answer questions in the expeditions on a "hardcopy" worksheet, provided in the course workbook, while "surfing through" the expedition.  The expedition worksheets provide outlines for students to permanently record their observations in order to study for the exam. The individual expedition worksheets are turned in as part of a course workbook near the end of the course. You DO NOT turn in the worksheets each week!

The other type of online session uses an electronic bulletin board where students share their thoughts, in groups of six to twelve students, on assigned questions based on specific reading assignments from the textbook.  Like the tutorial-style expeditions, all discussions on the assigned questions must be completed according to the timetable give in Course Schedule section of greensheet.

The online course will follow the current requirements of all "SJSU Studies" GE courses, including several writing assignments and student participation in class discussions.

The graded assignments provide something for everyone by assessing student knowledge through a diversity of methods - a three-page essay for the writers, two exams for the test-takers, and a final project for the imaginative, free-thinkers.  A list of the graded assignments is shown below:

1) Critical Thinking Essay, including one pre-essay quiz (180 points)
2) Exam #1 (240 points)
3) Exam #2 (240 points)
4) Discussion Boards (140 points)
5) Course Workbook (100 Points)
6) Final Exam (100 points)

  • Course Greensheet- it is a long greensheet in order to give you as much information as possible about the course

Course Workbook is required