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Last Updated
June 21, 1999

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Department of Geology
San Josˇ State University

Marine Conditions

Marine Forecast
Offshore California Marine Buoys
S.F. Bay Area Wind Pattern
Crissy Field Wind Conditions
California Ocean Swell Forecast
California Ocean Swell Observations
S.F Golden Gate
Tide Table
Global Ocean
Sea Surface Temperatures
Global Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly
Equatorial Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly
Offshore California
Sea Surface Temperatures
Pacific Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures
Another Global Ocean
Sea Surface Temperatures
 Tracking Ocean Currents
Recent Offshore Earthquakes
NOAA's Global Wind Animation
NOAA's Global Wave Height 6 Hour Forecast
NOAA's Global Wave Height  Forecast Animation
(400 K)
ERS-2 Satellite Altimeter Wave Height
STORMSURF Powertools for the Pacific Ocean
SF Bay Real-Time
Santa Cruz Beach Water Quality Reports
North Pacific
Sea Surface Air Pressure
California Spectral Wave Analysis
Northern California Surf at the Offshore Buoys
Wave Field Forecast Animation for Pacific

  Animal Monitoring

Tracking Loggerhead Turtles in Pacific
Tracking Loggerhead Turtles in Atlantic
Tracking the Albatross Project
Tracking Casino the Seal
WhaleNet Project
Tracking Sperm Whales
WhaleNet Project
Coral Reefs in FishEye Cam
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Measure a Distance
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  More Ways to Generate Maps