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Global Studies 1B

Introduction to the Global Ocean
1. Introduction

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Welcome to our voyage to study the global ocean in Global Studies 1B, Introduction to Global Studies (science emphasis).

This course will present scientific investigations for understanding global phenomena and for developing policy to achieve positive outcomes of globalization. Interdisciplinary approaches will be used to analyze analytical models.

Expedition Objectives:

  • introduce the general objectives and the requirements in the course,
  • review the format of the class and each expedition
  • provide a background of the importance of the ocean to society
  • post in Desire2Learn Discussion

The purpose of the expedition worksheets is to provide an outline to assist students in taking clear, well-organized notes -- "neatness" of your answers is not critical, however, both you and the instructor should be able to read them!

  • You must answer each and every question on every expedition -- points will NOT be deducted for incorrect answers, only for incomplete work and missing answers.

The expeditions will be removed from the course web site during the availability period for each topic area quiz.

Video and audio clips are provided on each webpage of the expeditions, which should load automatically in Quicktime Player at the top of each webpage.

In each expedition you will work your way down the webpage….clicking on the link next to the pointing hand icon to access additional resources on individual webpages or to move forward to the next page of the expedition.

Do NOT use the menu on the left side of the web page during your first pass through the expedition as this menu is meant to be used to jump anywhere in the expedition if you wish to later resume after taking a short break.

On the last page of each expedition, students will be directed to confirm that they have completed the expedition in one of two ways:

1. by posting in a required discussion in Desire2Learn or
2. by sending a “Bye Don” email to the instructor with the appropriate “completion word”

It will always be one or the other, not both. Students need to only follow the instruction on the last page of the expedition.

Keep the expedition worksheets each week -- turn in all worksheets in the course workbook near end of the class.

Let's Begin.................

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