5 Best Fish Finder GPS Combo Reviews for 2022

Been wondering what the 5 best fish finder GPS combo sets are to pick from for this year? This is the fish finder review for you! If you’re an avid fisherman or fisherwoman, you likely have a portable fish finder and a GPS in your arsenal. Not only that, but there is a slew of other equipment you have to carry around. Of course, some of it is purely for your benefit, while other items are essential for a successful trip. But what if you could have a 2-in-1 product that is useful and helpful while also cutting down on the amount of equipment you need?

A GPS fish finder combo is a great tool that every fishing enthusiast should own. Why? Because it helps you to locate fish underwater while also informing you where you are and where you’re headed. Not only that, but a fish finder GPS combo has the ability to remind you of your fave fishing spots, get you to safety during a storm, send alerts about the weather, and sync up with your smartphone for ease of use.

But how can you know which fish finder GPS combo is the best? If you’re in the market for the best GPS fish finder combo, keep reading. We’re shedding light on the top 5 GPS best fish finder combos on the market, whether you want a top-notch tool or want a budget-friendly option. We will also be sharing some important information to keep in mind while you’re shopping around.

Carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Fish Finder GPS Combo?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best fish finders with GPS combos.

Criteria #1: Does it have a transducer, and how does it mount?

A transducer can do a world of wonders when you’re finding fish. However, not all GPS combos come with them included. You should also try and find a transducer that mounts the way you prefer. For example, some can be mounted on the bow while others are mounted on the transom.

Criteria #2: What kind of imaging does the fish finder provide?

Let’s face it – some imagery is better than others. Pay attention to the type of imagery the fish finder provides. More expensive models will have more up-to-date equipment or several programs that work jointly to provide high-quality, photo-like views from the water below. Also, check to see where the images are coming from. Some have side imaging, down imaging, or both, and more.

Criteria #3: Is it customizable?

When looking for a portable fish finder, you might want to consider whether or not it is customizable. A customizable map will allow you to make hot spots you don’t want to forget. Plus, some of these maps are shareable, which means you can share with other fishers and get some insight from them as well.

Criteria #4: What is the screen type and size?

Another issue when choosing the best fish finder is what type of screen the portable fish GPS combo has and how big it is. Some won’t mind a classic design with a smaller size. Others will prefer a large touch screen with a high-end processor for easy sifting through applications.

Criteria #5: What specialty features does the fish finder have?

While every fish finder on this list will come with some sonar, the sonar can be different from product to product. Some are more advanced than others. Still, some will have other added features such as built-in flashers, mapping with access to over 10,000 lakes, and more.

Criteria #6: How much does it cost?

The last thing to consider is price. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry. There are a lot of budget-friendly options on this list. For those who don’t mind paying more for the best, there are a few products here to suit your needs.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

When it came to finding the best fish finder GPS combo, we considered the different features each GPS fishfinder had to offer. We also looked at real-life reviews from customers, good and bad. Lastly, we ensured that the product was worth the price, depending on what it has to offer.

Let’s dive into our top 5 best fish finder GPS combos and see if you can make a catch.

#1: Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish Finder (Best Value)

A trusted name in the fish finder biz is none other than Humminbird. That is why the Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder is such a popular pick. Not only does it come with a wide range of benefits to enjoy, but it’s also priced right and can fit most people’s budgets. The Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp is our best value choice because, with so many features for a fair price, you know you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s why the Humminbird Helix is the go-to GPS fish finder.

  • 2D Sonar. Don’t worry – 2D doesn’t mean you’re suffering from a lack of quality. The 2D sonar camera is high-quality and will allow you to see clearly underwater no matter where you’re fishing.
  • Two modes. The Humminbird Helix comes with two top-notch modes to suit your needs. Use the Max Mode or Clear Mode, depending on how much detail you’re seeking. The pictures will show several details, from fish to structures and more.
  • Designed with a dual-beam. The Humminbird Helix was also designed with state-of-the-art dual beam technology. Use the wide beam when you want to cover more area and the narrow beam for enhanced precision. Use jointly to increase detail under the water!
  • Dual spectrum chirp sonar integrated. 3 questions: What is CHIRP sonar; Is CHIRP sonar worth it; and what’s the difference between CHIRP sonar vs regular sonar? When you’re looking for the best fish finder GPS combo, you want to find one with CHIRP integration. Why? Because this high-intensity radar pulse is advanced and can show far more fish than a typical 2D sonar without CHIRP. With dual spectrum CHIRP sonar, the water is scanned efficiently, so you have an easier time making that big catch.
  • Side imaging and down imaging. With the inclusion of side imaging and down imaging, there is nowhere for fish to hide. The thin beams added to this fish finder GPS ensures that you can see all areas, leaving no fish unseen.
  • Built-in basemap included. The Humminbird Helix comes complete with a ready-to-use basemap. It provides an impressive amount of detail straight out of the box thanks to LakeMaster and NOAA’s vital information. With the basemap, you can clearly see beneath the water, identifying everything from fish to marinas, buoys to tires, and more.
  • Transom mount transducer. Transom mounting (mounting to the stern of the boat) is the most common and easiest type of mount. This makes it a great choice for newbies and novice fishers alike.

Final Thoughts: When looking for a fish finder GPS combo that will provide you the best value with a boatload of features, consider the transom mount transducer Humminbird Helix. It comes with many advantages that you’d find on pricier models, without the expensive price tag. You will enjoy crystal-clear sights on this 5-inch screen and feel confident with the inclusion of 2D sonar, CHIRP, and basemap.

What Reviewers Had to Say: Most customers were satisfied with their purchase, which is why this is one of the best fish finders with GPS. There weren’t many negative comments, aside from a few minor drawbacks, such as the clips being more flimsy than they would like.

#2: Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 63cv (Best Fish Finder GPS Combo)

If you don’t mind spending extra money for the best fishfinder GPS combo, then the Garmin Echomap UHD 63cv might be your best option. Sure, it is a lot pricier than the other fishfinder GPS combo tools on this list, but those who bought this fish finder will share it’s well worth the price. By spending more on these fish finders, you’ll be getting your hands on a wide range of advantages you will surely enjoy while out on the lake. Let’s take a closer look.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product: Transducer Fish Finder Included

If you want a crystal clear vision of what’s going on beneath your boat, then you want to get your hands on fish finders with an included transducer. The Garmin Echomap comes with a GT2 transducer paired with ClearVU scanning sonar for ultra-high definition and high-quality visual from underneath the water. The CHIRP sonar also ensures that there is impeccable target separation while in use.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product: Superior Preloaded Maps

The Garmin Echomap is also the top pick, thanks to the preloaded mapping included with each device. Using LakeVu G3 and Navionics, the Garmin Echomap has a lengthy list of over 17,000 lakes, all of which have unparalleled coverage and detail. With 1′ contours, it’s never been easier to see and understand the waters around you.

Reason #3 to Choose This Product: Create Your Own Contours

Found a fishing spot that brings home the bacon (or should we say fish) every time? You don’t want to lose that spot. How can you make sure you can head back to the golden fishing spot next fishing trip? It’s easy with the Garmin Echomap. These fish finders come with the ability to draw right on the screen for a personalized experience. Keep the hot spot to yourself or share it with other fishers using Garmin Connect. (You can also use the app to find out new stellar fishing locations).

Reason #4 to Choose This Product: Easily Connects to Other Networks

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this Garmin fish finder. Utilizing NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183, it’s easier than ever to connect to other networks. Whether you’re connecting to weather, autopilot, VHF, or an audio system, it can swiftly be done right from the fish finder.

Reason #5 to Choose This Product: Connect Using the Active Captain App

The Garmin fish finder has it’s very own app in which you can do all sorts of fun things. Plus, it’s easy to connect thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. From the Active Captain mobile app, you can see your customized maps or update your software with ease, plus so much more.

Final Thoughts: If you’re seeking a fish finder that comes with plenty of features, then this Garmin fish finder is the right choice. It’s a bit pricier, but it’s convenient and has a superior display. The 6-inch fish finder is easy to use and allows for superior customization and connection, which most other fish finders can’t do. Install as a transom mount transducer or use the trolling bracket.

What Reviewers Had to Say: Customers love the Garmin Echomap and said things like “Very good” and “Great buy.” Some said that the micro SD was a bit difficult to get to. Other than the odd placement of the micro SD, this is a stellar pick. So, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for quality, you can feel confident doing so with this fish finder from Garmin.

Pro-Tip: If you’re looking for even more added features on top of this #1 pick, then consider looking into the Garmin Echomap Plus. The Garmin Echomap Plus comes with 9-inch display size. It also has a GT54 transducer, side imaging, blue chart G3 coastal charts, and Panoptix all-seeing sonar. Of course, the Garmin Echomap Plus will cost you far more than the original. So, if you want even more features aside from the original Garmin Echomap, then take a look into the benefits of the Garmin Echomap Plus.

#3: Raymarine Axiom 7 Fish Finder (Best 7-Inch Screen Size)

If you’re looking for somewhat of a larger screen to get your fix, then you might enjoy the Raymarine Axiom 7 Fish Finder. This fish finder is not only a top-notch fishfinder with a larger screen, but it also comes with plenty of advantages over the other fish finders. Here are some of the reasons why this fish finder stands apart from the crowd.

  • US and Canada Navionics included. While these other fish finders might have Navionics or another type of basemap included, the Raymarine Axiom 7 Fish Finder comes with Navionics, including the US and Canada. Together, the list includes more than 20,000 lakes. With so many options, you can travel almost anywhere and enjoy sights of all different types of areas.
  • Included WiFi and Navionics Boating App. Each of these fish finders is designed with WiFi included. Plus, the Navionics Boating app pairs with the Axiom fish finder to create markers and transfer routes. Plus, you can upload sonar logs and charts with ease.
  • Create maps using SonarChart Live. Personalized maps are always a plus, and the Raymarine Axiom 7 Fish Finder makes it a cinch to create your own.
  • Includes CHIRP sonar technology. Yes, most of the fish finders come with some CHIRP technology. How is this one different? Well, the Axiom 7 comes complete with an ultra-wide down vision. This provides the fisher with clear images from below the boat. Plus, you can run the CHIRP with the fish-targeting sonar. Together, you can get the highest resolution for easier capturing.
  • Quad-core processor. Now, a lot of these fish finders don’t tend to mention anything too technical. And they don’t need to. For the most part, every fish finder on this list comes with impressive tech that will get the job done. But the Axiom is designed with a quad-core processor, so you can easily run several applications at once without downtime.
  • Lighthouse 3 Operating System. The operating system is also unique because it is swift yet also easy to learn. It is notably one of the most uncluttered interfaces on the market. Personalize and customize with ease while navigating swiftly.
  • Sleek, all-glass display. If displays are important to you, you will enjoy the fact that Axiom 7 is designed with a sleek and smooth glass display. It’s easy to swipe and use the touch controls to get where you need to go fast without any buttons. It looks cool, too!

Final Thoughts: Overall, this is a stellar option for those who want a 7-inch display with a plethora of extra features. It’s certainly the sleekest product on this list, too, thanks to the glass display that is entirely touch screen. Catching a fish has never been easier with a top-notch display and a touch screen with a high-quality interface.

What Reviewers Had to Say: “This thing is absolutely amazing” seems to define what most people think about this fish finder. They enjoy all of the top-notch features the fish finder has to offer. It’s simple to use and will quickly become your best friend on the lake.

#4: Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer (Best Low Cost)

Looking for something compact and budget-friendly? Garmin to the rescue, once again. The Garmin Striker 4 is an excellent choice for those who don’t have a whole lot of money to spend but still want to get their hands on a fish finder that will help them during their fishing trek. And don’t worry – just because you’re spending less doesn’t mean you have to give up great features. This fish finder still comes with plenty of plusses, including the following.

  • Designed with ClearVU sonar. The inclusion of ClearVU sonar ensures that you will see more about what is going on underneath the water. The images are impressively clear and detailed, regardless of how cheap this particularly fish finder GPS is. With this sonar, it’s easy to tell the difference between a fish and other things that may be hiding in the water.
  • Easy to use buttons. No, this 3.5-inch display does not come with a super high-tech touch screen or an incredible interface. But some people might like the simplicity of this GPS fish finder. It is not only easy to use but easy to install, too. The keyed interface comes with dedicated buttons that make it easy to get where you need to go.
  • Comes with a waypoint map. The waypoint map is another great feature of this cheapy fishfinder GPS combo. With the waypoint map, you can view, mark, and navigate with ease.
  • CHIRP sonar. Although this fish finder GPS combo might be the cheapest on this list, it still included the handy CHIRP sonar technology. The CHIRP tech ensures a continuous sweep of frequencies in the water to provide the best and current date to fishers.
  • Designed with a built-in flasher. Is a flasher important to you? Then you will enjoy the fact that this GPS fish finder comes complete with a built-in flasher. This is especially handy for those who go ice fishing regularly.

Final Thoughts: Although the Garmin Striker 4 is on the cheap side, it certainly doesn’t work cheaply. It includes the must-haves like CHIRP sonar, and many people might enjoy the dedicated button design, which makes this fish finder GPS combo incredibly easy to handle. It might be a bit old school without all the bells and whistles, but it’s guaranteed to get the job done for less.

What Reviewers Had to Say: It was practically impossible to find any negative reviews about this fish finder GPS combo. What can we say? People adore this fish finder, which is why it ranks as our number one best fishfinder GPS combo for those on a budget. Keep in mind that it does have a small screen size, though, so double-check before buying.

Pro-tip: The Garmin Striker Plus is the advanced version of this GPS combo. The Garmin Striker Plus can still fit most people’s low budget. However, it comes with a few extra bonuses, such as a dual-beam transducer and a built-in quickdraw for contour mapping. The display is slightly bigger, too. So, if you want to spend more for a few extra benefits, then check out the Garmin Striker Plus.

#5: Lowrance HDS-12 Live (Best 12-Inch Screen Size)

When you’re looking for a fish finder with built-in GPS, one thing you might consider is the screen size and features. Well, the last fish finder with GPS combo product on this list is the largest of them all – the Lowrance HDS-12 Live. This is the biggest fish finder on this list, which may be a selling point for some fishers. If that’s not enough to sway you to buy, then check out these incredible features on this (fairly expensive) fish finder with built-in GPS.

  • Advanced fishfinding technology. This is undeniably one of the best fish finders on the market because it comes with advanced fishfinding technology. Thanks to the inclusion of CHIRP sonar and StructureScan3D or HD, you can get the best possible views of fish and structures in the water. It is down imaging and side imaging, leaving no area untouched.
  • Quad-core processor. When it comes to processors, these fish finder GPS combos do not disappoint. They are made with quad-core technology to ensure a high-speed device that allows quick response times, redraws, and the ability to sift through the provided apps with no downtime.
  • Designed with color sonar capabilities. Another reason to love these fish finders with GPS is that they come complete with color sonar. The uniquely designed color sonar allows for more vivid and high-visibility contrast, making it a cinch to find the fish in the water. The images look photograph-like, unlike anything you have seen before.
  • Live network sonar capabilities. Although this product does not come with a transducer, it doesn’t mean you have to worry. These GPS combos can easily read a transom mount transducer or a bow-mount transducer thanks to CHIRP sonar capabilities.
  • Easy navigation. This fish finder utilizes many different programs to ensure you can navigate faster, easier, and safer than before. This is all thanks to the inclusion of C-MAP MAX-N+ charts, Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts.

Final Thoughts: If you want a large, top-of-the-line fish finder GPS combo, consider the Lowrance HDS-12 Live. From the quality of imagery to the ease of navigation and beyond, this 12-inch display with quad-core processor will see you through all of your trips.

What Reviewers Had to Say: Customers have had nothing but positive things to say about this fish finder. They enjoy the size of the screen as well as the images. The ease of use is also a selling point. Most customers say this is the best fish finder GPS combo on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a fish finder GPS combo?

At this point, you might be wondering whether or not it’s entirely necessary to add a fish finder GPS to your fishing arsenal. While it is not exactly necessary for a successful fishing experience, it can be convenient. This is true whether you’re new to the fishing world or have a higher skill level. It also does not depend on what type of fishing you’re performing.

Having a fish finder GPS combo can change the way you fish for good. With integrated GPS, it is easy to navigate your way through the water. The fish finder has the purpose of helping you find fish unlike ever before. Together, this is a top-notch tool that can seriously help you during your trek. Plus, it means less stuff to carry around – that is always a plus, considering how much equipment is necessary for fishing.

How does a fish finder work?

By now, you know that a fish finder can be a stellar way to help you find fish. But how does it work? Well, fish finders use transducers to get the job – of converting sound to visuals – done. Essentially, the fish finder device sends sonar signals into the water. When the sonar signal finds an object, such as a fish or old tire, an echo sound is sent back to the fish finder device. The device converts the signals into an image, making it clear for the fisher to see the fish below.

A fish finder can do many other things aside from identifying and converting images, though. Some of the other benefits of using a fish finder include the following.

* Approximate how many fish are beneath the water.
* Approximate the depth and temperature of the water.
* Determine the mass of the fish and the type.
* Discover how fish are responding to the bait you have chosen.

With such a wide range of information being provided, fishers have a better chance of reeling in many fish. Plus, you will know whether your bait is working, which is a major part of fishing. If you’re not having luck, try different bait to see how the fish are reacting. With a fish finder, it’s also far simpler to find the type of fish you’re hunting for.

How does a GPS work?

GPS is also a big benefit when it comes to buying a fish finder GPS combo. That’s because the GPS works to chart your position while out on the water. It will also track you, so you know exactly where you are and where you have been. This is ideal for navigating, especially if you find yourself in a sticky situation where a storm is coming in, and you need to head to safety.

Some fish finder GPS combos come with unique software that allows you to make customized maps, too. Here, you can build a map that takes you directly to your favorite fishing spots. But how does it work?

The best way to describe how GPS works is by radio signals being sent between the GPS device and tracking stations. The tracking station can determine orbital data and send the signals back to the GPS device showing exactly where you are on the map. Here is a great video to watch for a better understanding of how GPS works.

What’s the advantage of putting fish finders and GPS together?

As you can see, GPS and fish radars play a significant role in your fishing success and safety. But what is the advantage of putting them together? Well, for the most part, it cuts down on the amount of equipment necessary for your fishing adventure. That alone is enough to sway some customers to purchase.

Aside from convenience, a GPS fish finder combo is a powerhouse for fishing excursions. Not only will you be able to track fish with ease, but you will be able to know exactly where the best fishing spots are. That is why it’s best to find a fish finder GPS combo that comes with imaging sonar combined with a software program designed to provide customizable maps. That way, the fish finder and GPS work jointly for ultimate success.

What frequency do fish finders operate at?

Most fish finders will operate using a frequency of 15 kHz to 200 kHz. While this is most common, it’s not always the case, though. Typically, a conventional fish finder used in recreational fishing will work anywhere between 50kHz and 200kHz.

Verdict: Your Best Fish Finder GPS Combo 

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish Finder.

If you need a 7-inch display, choose the Raymarine Axiom 7 Fish Finder.

If you want to keep the spend under $250, pick the Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer.

When looking for the best fish finders, whether it’s for taking out on the water or going ice fishing, it is important to pay attention to the features. Some might prefer a high-definition scanning sonar, while others are fine with a more traditional and simple system. Whether you opt for a device with a wide cone angle that allows you to see more of the water below, or you pick the model with the best processor and touch screen display, you can rest assured that any of these fish finder GPS combos are top-notch picks.

Happy shopping and good luck choosing the best fish finder for your needs.

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